They have lost everything but each other.

When Grace Hooper, on the verge of womanhood, and her nine-year-old brother Billy are left orphaned by a freak accident at the beginning of a long, hot summer, they find themselves cast adrift from their old life and numb with grief. Sent to stay with their estranged grandfather on the remote farm where their mother grew up, there they must try to uncover a new understanding of the world and their place in it. But in the relentless heat and the unnatural calm of the near-deserted farm, nature itself soon becomes both enemy and ally – and as the bond between brother and sister disintegrates, Grace discovers that the farm hosts a tragic past and an uncertain future.

At once disturbing and compelling, Summer is a beautifully written and deeply atmospheric exploration of loss and regeneration.

Drawn together by wealth and beauty, a circle of young friends appear to lead lives of carefree, sun-kissed leisure. Basking in the glow of their good fortune, they are envied, adored, and untouchable: they are the glass people.

For most of his life, JC has been mesmerised by the bright surfaces of this moneyed set from which he is all but excluded. But one night in a smoky London pub he is offered the chance to finally belong: a dying relative promises him a large inheritance, but only if JC will agree to his condition of secrecy. Desperate for the social acceptance that the money will bring, but aware that his silence will betray the people he loves, JC makes his decision – and so is lured into the moral darkness at the centre of that dazzling circle.

Jacket design by Jamie Reid


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